Deck Derby has launched on Kickstarter

Our new game, Deck Derby, is live on Kickstarter! Deck Derby is a fast paced racing game in the Dead Seas fantasy realm. Racers use unique dice drafting mechanics to upgrade and win!

Our Games

Our task at hand is building the world of Daeregon and making it a world you want to explore. Our first entry is:

The Rusted Ogre Crew

We've managed to assemble the the most brilliant -- but slightly off -- crew of creative thinkers, world builders, and fantastic artists. It's a great ship to be on!

Rusted Ogre News

We'll document our travels, bring you along for the ride. Read up on what's going on with us!

The Rusted Ogre story so far...

It all started on a beach in the Caribbean. One of our founders was lost on a not-so-deserted island resort, staring out at the crystal blue waters, his mind naturally drifted to one thing...orcs, elves and dwarves. After a furious set of emails and texts to his friends back at their mundane jobs, a world, and a company were born. From there, Rusted Ogre has evolved from what originally seemed like a whim or a dare, to a fully realized gaming company. We are excited to put out our first game in early 2018, and have several others in the cue, just waiting to get to the presses.

We are looking forward to immersing you in the games, stories, and world of the Dead Seas, as well as a multitude of other games and adventures we have planned for the near, and distant future.

Welcome to Rusted Ogre Games!