Dru Pifel

President, Game Design and World Building, Captain of the Ship

I've been gaming since I was 5 years old and discovered a certain fantasy based role playing game. This led to a lifetime of playing virtually any and every game I could get his hands on. I have a passion for strategy and competition, but also enjoy the world building aspects of gaming. I'm excited to build Rusted Ogre Games into the finest gaming company the world has ever known. There are a number of games in my head that I cannot wait to get out for the world to explore...

Andrew Dunbar

Vice President of of Creative Design, Game design and Logistics

My name is Andrew but you can call me Andrew. My first jump into gaming was deck building. I started almost 20 years ago and my love has only grown since -- now I have become a gamer on all fronts with most of my focus on Miniatures. Starting Rusted Ogre Games is something I never saw coming, but with it I hope to help people's love of gaming grow -- and help those who don't game regularly  find a reason to.

Joshua Davis

Vice President of Artistic Design, Art Director, World Building

I'm an artist, educator, author, and gamer. My passions include: science fiction and fantasy, art, making art, making art for games, playing games, and art. My personal manifesto is: "To make work that creates a sense of mystery and wonder for the viewer."

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Kevin E. Hackett

Director of Marketing, Digital Presence and Design

Raised in the super-rural hills of Pennsylvania, South East of Pittsburgh. Moved to Ohio for Kent State, met the love of my life there. Moved to Chicago between 2006 and 2016, back to Ohio since. Grizzled veteran of the enterprise software scene, survivor of buyouts and IPOs, now a digital marketing practitioner at IBM.

Lover of almost any board game, Guildball, Warmachine, X-wing, and any video game system that is out of production. I'll talk "geek" any day of the week...

I'm an alligator, I'm a mama-papa coming for you -- I'm the space invader, I'll be a rock 'n' rollin' bitch for you...

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